Monday, February 7, 2011

Is Winter A Waste of Time?

The "winter blues", "cabin fever", days when it is too icy to drive...  There are some parts of winter that just make you feel "BLAH!" sometimes. 

We can go through winter spells in our spritual lives, too.  Going through a winter spell in your spirit life can seem just a waste of time.  You think, this is bad!  What have I done?  Why is God not using me right this minute for what he has called me to do?

But, winter has a purpose that is just as important to life on our planet as spring, summer and autumn.  It is a time of rest.  A time of preparation for the new life that spring will bring.

There are few things as beautiful to a Texas girl than the bluebonnets that dance along our highways, in our parks, and in our gardens.  But, did you know that it is very difficult for the bluebonnet seeds to germinate in spring without a hard freeze in the previous winter?  It is true.  The outside of a bluebonnet seed is extremely hard and it has to be "scarified" to germinate.  (This means the outer shell has to be worn away and cracked.)  Without the hard freeze, our bluebonnets are very scarce indeed.  But, after the hard freeze... BEAUTY EXPLODES with the arival of the warmth of spring!

Now, a really good gardener can scarify seeds himself, with sandpaper.  But, it takes someone with a very precise hand. Do it yourself and if you rub just the least bit too hard, you damage the embryo in the seed.  If you rub too lightly, it does no good and the seed still won't germinate. 

It is that way with our spirit life.  Some of the most beautiful growth we have is after the "winter spell".  With out that time of rest and waiting on God, our ministry will not be nearly as bountiful as it is WITH our "winter spell".  Don't try to rush it yourself... you may be too heavy handed and destroy the embryo of ministry God is preparing you to do.  You might be too light handed and you will never see what God has planned for you in its' fullness.  Lets leave it to our heavenly Gardener.  He work with great love and His touch is just right.

If you are in a winter time, be patient, seek God, read His word... spring is coming... you will be glad you rested!

Praying today for:
The nation of Egypt
The state of Illinois

Remember, Nana loves you!!!!!!!!!