Sunday, October 31, 2010

The Politicians Are Making It hard to Appreciate Democracy...

I love living in a nation that allows me the right and priviledge of voting for those who govern me.   But, sometimes I just wanna hide from the people trying to win that vote.
The air is cooler, the leaves are fallin' it is Autumn in Texas...
The rhetoric is thick and the mud is flyin'!!!  It is election time in Texas, too.

I guess the politicians hype is just the price we must pay for living in a society that has the right to vote.  But, do those commercials, phone calls and news stories REALLY change anyone's mind about how they will vote?

I just wish I had a fast forward button that would take us all to next Wednesday morning so it would all be over.

Of course, we will only get a short time away from all of it and then... the Presidential election "stuff" will be starting for 2012.

I am so thankful to live in a land where I can vote!

At least I THINK I am...  **sigh**

Praying today for:
The naton of Jamaica
The state of Alabama

Remember, Nana loves you!!!!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Thank You, Brother Paul

When I was little, my first pastor was Bro. Paul.  I don't remember his last name.  I know my Uncle Sam could tell me in two seonds what his last name was.
Thanks to the internet, I have found several pictures of him lately.  He was such a beautiful soul.  He loved Jesus Christ with all his heart.  He played the drums, and he sat at his drums when he wasn't preaching.  When someone else said something that made him happy he pumped the pedal on that big drum to show his enthusiasic "AMEN".
One night at church, when I was only about 5, Bro. Paul came to me and led me to the altar and prayed the "Sinner's Prayer" with me.  I can still remember that prayer.  His gruff, gravelly voice whispering to me about what to say and why were praying like this.  So, thank you, Brother Paul.
My grandmother learned a lot about the Bible from Bro. Paul.  So did my Uncle Sam.  I learned a lot about the Bible from both of them. So, Thank you Brother Paul.
I never remember anything about him except love, smiles and acceptance.  So, thank you Brother Paul.
From his teaching and preaching thousands have been blessed.  I know that he is in heaven now, I would love to know his life story.  I am sure it would make a magnificent book.
How I wish I could say to him right now, "THANK YOU, BROTHER PAUL".

Praying today for:
The nation of Saudi Arabia
The state of New Hampshire

Remember, Nana loves you.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Charlie Sheen does not have the right to throw his life in the dumpster...

Can someone explain to me WHY, WHY, WHY "Two and A Half Men" is so important to the network that they would pay someone like Charlie Sheen $1.8 MILLION dollars a week to be in it???  Please, explain to me why anyone watches that show???  Why would ANY woman be alone with him???

This guy is an alcoholic, a drug adict, a sex adict, and he not only has beat women... he has attempted to murder at least TWO women.  Is fame and money so important to these women that they don't care that he will never be a faithful companion, that he is an embarassment to his children, and he is terrifyingly dangerous.

This is a waste.  A waste of $1.8 million dollars a week, a waste of time, a waste of his life.  Perhaps he needs to just walk away from the fame thing...  This guy is not a kid.  He is FORTY FIVE years old.  I honestly do not believe this man can change on his own.  This man needs God.  He needs God very badly.   I am going to be praying for him daily until something changes.

His children deserve a better heritage than this.  He does, too.  No one has the right to throw their life away... 
We are not our own, for we are bought with a price.

Praying today for:
The state of Montana
The nation of El Salvador

Remember, Nana lovesyou.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Purple? NO WAY!!!!!!!!!!

Some things you just have to choose for yourself.

For Mother's Day my husband got me a necklace that consisted of a little round circle that says, "Nana" and a little bead birthstone for each of our grandsons.  Micah was born in February, his birthstone is an amethyst, Joel was born in July, his is a ruby.  So, my little necklace came in the mail with a little purple bead for Micah and a little red one for Joel.
Micah did NOT approve of this at ALL.  Joel's bead was fine.  It was red and Joel's favorite color is red.  (A choice made by Micah, not Joel.)  Now, Micah has chosen blue as his favorite color.  So, of course, purple was out of the question.  Never mind these birthstones were chosen a million years ago and everyone else on earth abides by "Birthstone Rules".  Micah's birthstone had to be BLUE.  So, we emailed the lady we bought the necklace from and she sent us a blue bead for Micah.

This has satisfied his majesty and  the purple birthstone awaits a baby sister someday.  Unless Joel decides (once he is able to form an opinion on the subject) that HE prefers purple, then we will further muddy the waters on this birthstone thing.

Praying today for:
The state of Maryland
The nation of India

Remember, Nana loves you!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Good news.....

Today has been a day of good news.
Rome is going to be a big brother.
Eric Gray has found his bride.
My grandsons got their suprise in the mail.

Yep, lots of good news today.

Praying today for:
The state of Utah
The Nation of China

Remember, Nana loves you!!!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Famous Operators in History...

I love being a switchboard operator.  It is a job that suits me right down to my bones.  I am nearing the end of my working days.  (I only have 1933 days until retirement... give or take a day here or there for leap years.)  And, I am SO glad to have the best job I have ever had as the last job I will ever have.
Telephone operators have always been off the wall, quirky characters in books, tv, and movies.

The operator you THINK you are talking to:

The operator you are ACTUALLY talking to:

Gertie and Flossie, 
They can pop their chewing gum
louder than an AK47.

Matilda Louise, 
Since 1957 Matilda has always been afraid
the A-BOMB was gonna fall during her shift.

Ed is a nice enough guy, but like a
typical male, he hogs the fan.

Things you might not know about operators:
Not all of us are named, Sarah.  On the Andy Griffith Show, the operator's name was Sarah.  Can't you just see in your mind, Andy pickin' up his phone at the police station and sayin', "Sarah, get me my house."  On "Green Acres" the operator was a Sarah also, as was the operator on "Petticoat Junction".  But since they were both supposed to be in Hooterville, it was probably the same gal.  (If you are an operator and your name is not Sarah, please, do not repremand people who do call you, Sarah.  It is not their fault that your mom and dad did not name you correctly.)

We know everything.  We have the latest weather, national news, telephone numbers, job titles and how many divorces everyone has had.  But, do NOT expect us to share any of that info with you.  Especially the telephone numbers.

Have a good Monday!

Praying today for:
The state of Washington
The nation of Japan

Remember, Nana loves you!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

I Love Rainy Saturdays

We just sat around and watched "Masterpiece Theater".
                                                 It was a good day.

Praying today for:
The State of California
The Nation of Spain

Remember, Nana loves you.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Okay... Where are the 4 Horsemen of the Apocalypse????

It has to be the end of the world.  The Rangers have won the Pennant and are going to the World Series!!!
I am a Rangers and Cowboys fan.  But, I have a dirty little secret...
I never thought it would happen in my lifetime.

Look out!  The Four Horsemen are ready to ride and hailstones are gonna fall.

And OH YEAH... lest I forget...   GO RANGERS!!!!!

Praying today for:
The State of Vermont
The Nation of Canada

Remember, Nana loves you!!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

WHOSE dog?????????

About three years ago, I thought it would be fun if Buddy and I got a dog.  Buddy, was not so sure.  I spend hours and hours online looking at dogs from the local Animal Shelter.  We made a couple of trips to the shelter when a dog looked promising.  And then one night, Buddy called and told me to look at a little dog he had found on a rescue shelter's website. 
His name was, "Stanley".  I fell in love!! He was just so little and looked so lonesome.  We made arrangements to adopt, Stanley.  But, his name just would not do... Stanley is my son's middle name.  It was my daddy's middle name, too.  So, Stanley became, "Boo Radley". 

Boo is just a joy to both of us.  He has endured two small boys pulling on his ears, tail, fur, you name it... Joel even bit him on the foot once!  Boo, forgave him immediately and did not even growl much less bite him back.
                                           Boo Radley, Wonder Dog
You would think since it was my idea to get him, he would show me some respect.  But, NO...  Boo makes no bones about it (ha ha!!!  bone... dog...)  Buddy is his favorite.   He even hides behind Buddy's chair when he wants to sit in Buddy's lap and I am inviting him to sit with me!  THE NERVE! 

Praying today for:
The nation of Poland
The State of Minnesota 

Remember, Nana loves you!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Signs and Wonders...

The children in the picture that heads up my blog are my grandchildren and two of their little friends.  The little boy to Joel's left is Rome.  I met his grandmother at church and we became friends.  She is one of the nicest folks I have ever met.  My son is close friends with both of her sons.  And now, her grandson and my grandson's are good friends.
It is such an honor to say that all of us love God with all our hearts.  He is the center of the universe to both of our families.

Dan 4:2-3 I thought it good to declare the signs and wonders that the Most High God has worked for me. 3 How great are His signs, And how mighty His wonders! His kingdom is an everlasting kingdom, And His dominion is from generation to generation.

When I think of "signs and wonders"... I like to think of three generations of friendship, all based on God's grace and love.

Praying today for:
The nation of Germany
The state of Kentucky

Remember, Nana loves you!!!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The Thanksgiving with NO green Onions!!!!!!

My granddaddy and grandmother are my all time heros.  I hope my grandsons have memories of me like I have of my grandparents.
Granddaddy had the funniest ideas of what was good for a kid.  When I wanted a Hershey Bar 5 minutes before supper, he would give me one.  When my mother and grandmother would point out the fact that I would now not eat a bite for supper, his answer would be, "Oh, my Lord!  I was raised on Hershey bars!."  It was the same way with Oreo cookies, and other wonderful treats.  Never mind that he was born in 1900 and a lot of those snacks came out AFTER he was a boy.
They drank "lattes" before lattes were invented.  Their steaming cups of Folger's coffee always had lots of Pet Milk and plenty of sugar.  And, they "saucered" their coffee if it was too hot.  (Back then, the little plates that came with coffee cups were deep enough to do this.  If you don't know what it is, use the "Google".) 
Granddaddy had bacon every morning that I can remember.  When he cooked it there was grease EVERYWHERE.. Grandmother managed to cook it with out that drawback.
AND... he had to have a green onion with lunch and supper.  My grandmother made sure that he always had them on hand.
EXCEPT... one Thanksgiving for some reason she forgot them.  (It might have had something to do with the fact that she was cooking turkey and dressing and all the works for about 30 or 40 of us.)
Anyway, there was much ado about the missing onions, but he sat down and ate and we had a great time.  I wondered at the time just how he could put so much value on having a green onion to eat with his turkey dinner.
Only now do I realize how we all like to have special little things like that. 
How I wish I could have him and my grandmother back for this Thanksgiving!  She wouldn't have to cook a thing.  And, I would be sure to have plent of green onions for him.
Thank you, grandmother and granddaddy, for all the holidays you made so special and fun for us!!!

Praying today for:
The state of Oregon
The nation of Afghanistan

Remember, Nana loves you!!!

Monday, October 18, 2010

What is up with my hair????

I cannot understand how some people can use gel and spike their hair and look so cool.  But, when I do, I just look like a tired ol' gal that has forgotten what a hairbrush is used for.

Praying today for:
The nation of Cuba
The state of Alaska

Remember, Nana loves you!!!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

The Abyss

Somewhere on this planet there has to be an abyss of lost things.  You know the socks that the dryer eats, our car keys from time to time, our work picture ID that costs $10 everytime you need to replace it, and other things that just frustrate you when you are trying to hurry.
Somewhere in that abyss is a picture of Boo.  I had it in my hand two weeks ago, but now that we need to to send a package of goodies to Micah and Joel... it is gone.  Vanished... into the abyss of lost things that I really need.
I reordered the picture of Boo.  We will be mailing the goodie box after we pick up that picture.
Of course you know that reordering it will cause the abyss to cough the original back up... just like it does with my car keys, and that picture ID for work I paid 10 needless dollars for...
But, the socks... they never come back.

Praying today for:
The state of Tennessee
The nation of Jordan

Remember, Nana loves you!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Say that again, Lord???

Sometimes, when you are in the midst of a trial, God can ask you some strange questions. In the midst of Job's trial, God asked him, "Hey, Job! Have you ever wrestled an alligator?"
After God spoke to Job on the subject of alligators for a while, Job got the message... An alligator is bad... but, God is badder... He MADE the alligator.
Job 41 & 42

Praying today for:
State of Louisiana
Nation of Russia

Remember, Nana loves you!!!

Friday, October 15, 2010

Stuff on my plate

There are some things I need to do that are pressing on my mind.  Actually, they are driving me crazy because I need to get them done and I have been putting some of them off for years.
  • Finish the quilts I have started.  (Preferably BEFORE starting a new one.  Only another quilter would know how NOT FUN that is.)
  • Catch up my grandsons' scrapbooks.  (Preferably BEFORE I have another 350 photos of them on my computer.) 
  • Organize my OTR.  (I have 150 gig... this may take a while.)
  • Do the final 3 steps required for my bariatric surgery. 
  • Organize our home office and create my craft room.
Wonder how I am gonna do on this list... 
I think I am going to do what it takes to have the surgery first.  Maybe I can get a couple of the other things done during the 2 - 3 weeks I will be off after the surgery.

Okay, then.  Sounds like a plan.

Places to pray for:
The nation of Afghanistan
The state of New York

Remember, Nana loves you!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Neighbors in the News

Who is our neighbor?

Several thousand miles away in Chile, 33 men are out of a mine after being buried alive for 10 weeks.  TEN weeks.  For that entire ten weeks the world has been praying for them and waiting to see them come out of that hole alive.  Many, many people have camped around the mine shaft to show support for the miners and their loved ones.
One of the men said it was like being in hell.  But, he said when God and the devil wrestled for him, God won.
Today, I saw those men come out safe and whole to cheers, songs and hugs.

Here in the USA a little Michigan girl and her family have dealt with a deadly disease for several years.  Some very sad, ignorant people in  did unthinkably cruel things to that little girl and her family.
I cannot imagine living around people as cruel.  Wow... just wow.  What happens to a woman that makes her ego so fragile that she would attack a dying child to get "personal satisfaction"?
This sick child's family has literally been put through hell.  But, just when the family who had suffered so much could not deal with it any more... much good has come from that situation.  The little girl and her family have had an outpouring of care and good wishes from all over the world.   Money, toys and prayers are being poured on them.  Songs and applause for the sick child. 

Who were these people's neighbors? 
Not just the people that lived around them, but also all of the other people that they may never meet from all over the world who embraced their situation and prayed and hoped.  In both instances, old monster death had to take a back seat to love and good will.  satan likes to give the human race a good kick when he can, I have only two words for him...


Nuff said.

Praying today for:
The nation of Chile.
The state of Oklahoma

Remember, Nana loves you!!!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Face to Face Conversations

DH and I got to talk with our daughter in law and grandsons "face to face" on Skype today.  Never before have I ever been so happy to live in a time when there is so much technology!
Clair had a play date planned for the boys after our call.  She was full of smiles and wearing a warm jacket.  (I know she is enjoying having the weather actually change with the seasons.)
Micah and Joel were full of smiles and ready to share excited information about their new home and their new schools.
Matt was at work at his new job at NC4.

Nothing beats having your son and his family happy.

Thank you SO much, heavenly Father!

Praying today for:
The state of Michigan
The nation of France

Remember, Nana lovesyou!!!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Old Time Radio

Hello, my name is Sharon.  I am an OTR adict.
Everyone else:  Hello, Sharon!!!

I love old time radio shows.  You know... the ones our grandparents gathered around one of those beautiful old radios with their family to listen to... shows like Jack Benny, The Shadow, Beyond Midnight, Gangbusters, the Whistler and Suspense.
My interest in these shows was started back in the mid 1970's when my husband and I stumbled upon the CBS Radio Mystery Theater on WBAP.  The show would start with the eerie sound of a creaking door and announcer, E. G. Marshall would welcome you to "the fear you can hear".  Some of those shows are indeed scary.  They are also lots of fun.
One day, about 9 years ago, all of a sudden, I thought... the internet has everything... maybe, just maybe... and sure enough I found websites about CBSRMT!  I was so excited.  But, in those days it was pretty hard to get copies of the shows.  But, in my surfing of the net, I came across a site called ZOOT OTR.  It was a wonderland!
I met people who had the same rabid interest in these shows that I had.  Not only that mp3's of actual shows were there to download!  There were no CBSRMT shows, but there were hundreds of others.
It was love at first listen.
The ZOOT site has since gone away, but an even better site OTR154 was set up when problems with ZOOT grew worse and worse.

I now have over 150 gigabytes of shows of all kinds.

I even finally got all of the CBSRMT.
Join us at ORT154, you might find something worth hearing!

Praying today for:
The state of Mississippi
The nation of Canada

Remember, Nana loves you!!!

Monday, October 11, 2010

Fall Days and Technical Difficulties...

In some parts of the world spring is thought of as a big relief.  The harsh winter is over, you can go outside again and enjoy the fresh air as the world comes alive again.  Just listen to those birdies sing!  Well... let me tell you, here in Texas, the first day of spring is just another hot day.  What we live for is AUTUMN! 

Ah, the bliss of walking out your front door and not fearing that your lungs will collapse from being roasted by the 115 degree air.  We cannot wait for the pumpkins and Halloween candy.  It means we can go outside again and enjoy the fresh air as the world comes alive again.
So... YAY FALL!!!!   We happily greet y'all!

Now for the techincal difficulties. 
Our son and daughter in law just moved to Pennsylvania with our two grandsons.  They have Skype and told us it was a great way for us to talk almost face to face for very little money.  So, DH and I went to Target and bought a camera with a microphone and yesterday evening we sat down together at our computer and downloaded Skype.  
We tried to download the program as quickly as we could because it was 9:45 p.m. our time and since there is a one hour difference in our time and Pennsylvania we might just be able to get a call in before the kids all went to bed since it was just 8:45 p.m. there.
Now...My DH and I are not idiots.  But, when it comes to trying to put things on our computer we both melt into not just idiots, but blithering idiots.
First of all, there IS a one hour difference, but we realized after a few minutes that it is one hour LATER there than it is here and when it is 9:45 p.m.in Texas, it is 10:45 p.m. in Pennsylvania.  So we knew we would not be able to make the call last night no matter how fast we got the program installed.
Then, after we installed the program, my husband went to check his email to see if we had installed it correctly.  Well, much to our dismay, we now have TWO accounts.  What the heck????? 
I don't know what we did, but it will have to wait until tomorrow because I had to work the midnight shift last night and after getting off at 7:00 a.m., I had to come back at 3:00 p.m. the same day and I am not up to mentally leg-wrestling with tech support.

Praying today for:
State of Alabama
Nation of Greece

Remember, Nana loves you!!!!!!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Getting started...

Well, here I am.  I am going to try my hand at this stuff.  Every day I would like to post a little thought and an area to pray for.  I hope everyone is having as peaceful a day as I am having.

Things I enjoy...
All my "job titles"... wife, mom, mother-in-law, Nana, sister, aunt, friend...
My dog, Boo
My job
Meeting up with friends
Being 59
The book of Job
Old time radio programs
Old movies
The Closer with Kyra Sedgwick

Praying today for:
The state of Pennsylvania
The nation of Brazil

I am going to work the midnight shift tonight and I gotta get some sleep before I do.  I really do not know how on earth I got the very best job of my life in the years just before my retirement.  But, I am glad to have it now instead of at the beginning of my work life.  Good bosses, good co-workers, good hours and good pay.  YES!!!!

Remember, Nana loves you!!!