Monday, October 18, 2010

What is up with my hair????

I cannot understand how some people can use gel and spike their hair and look so cool.  But, when I do, I just look like a tired ol' gal that has forgotten what a hairbrush is used for.

Praying today for:
The nation of Cuba
The state of Alaska

Remember, Nana loves you!!!

1 comment:

  1. I had always grown my hair long to donate to Locks of Love, but this time I started growing it at my wife's request for Halloween. I've seen it go from "Larry Fine," to "Einstein," now it's at the "Red-headed guy with glasses from 'Revenge of the Nerds.'" And we didn't dress up for Halloween.

    I'd like to get the sides cut short, so I can go back to "Hermie the Elf." I'd like to get rid of the moustache too, but I've been told it gives me the "Magnum PI" look. (goofy smile is simliar, but it ends there.) And Herlis would look silly with a brush on his lip.