Thursday, October 14, 2010

Neighbors in the News

Who is our neighbor?

Several thousand miles away in Chile, 33 men are out of a mine after being buried alive for 10 weeks.  TEN weeks.  For that entire ten weeks the world has been praying for them and waiting to see them come out of that hole alive.  Many, many people have camped around the mine shaft to show support for the miners and their loved ones.
One of the men said it was like being in hell.  But, he said when God and the devil wrestled for him, God won.
Today, I saw those men come out safe and whole to cheers, songs and hugs.

Here in the USA a little Michigan girl and her family have dealt with a deadly disease for several years.  Some very sad, ignorant people in  did unthinkably cruel things to that little girl and her family.
I cannot imagine living around people as cruel.  Wow... just wow.  What happens to a woman that makes her ego so fragile that she would attack a dying child to get "personal satisfaction"?
This sick child's family has literally been put through hell.  But, just when the family who had suffered so much could not deal with it any more... much good has come from that situation.  The little girl and her family have had an outpouring of care and good wishes from all over the world.   Money, toys and prayers are being poured on them.  Songs and applause for the sick child. 

Who were these people's neighbors? 
Not just the people that lived around them, but also all of the other people that they may never meet from all over the world who embraced their situation and prayed and hoped.  In both instances, old monster death had to take a back seat to love and good will.  satan likes to give the human race a good kick when he can, I have only two words for him...


Nuff said.

Praying today for:
The nation of Chile.
The state of Oklahoma

Remember, Nana loves you!!!

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