Friday, October 15, 2010

Stuff on my plate

There are some things I need to do that are pressing on my mind.  Actually, they are driving me crazy because I need to get them done and I have been putting some of them off for years.
  • Finish the quilts I have started.  (Preferably BEFORE starting a new one.  Only another quilter would know how NOT FUN that is.)
  • Catch up my grandsons' scrapbooks.  (Preferably BEFORE I have another 350 photos of them on my computer.) 
  • Organize my OTR.  (I have 150 gig... this may take a while.)
  • Do the final 3 steps required for my bariatric surgery. 
  • Organize our home office and create my craft room.
Wonder how I am gonna do on this list... 
I think I am going to do what it takes to have the surgery first.  Maybe I can get a couple of the other things done during the 2 - 3 weeks I will be off after the surgery.

Okay, then.  Sounds like a plan.

Places to pray for:
The nation of Afghanistan
The state of New York

Remember, Nana loves you!

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