Sunday, October 24, 2010

Famous Operators in History...

I love being a switchboard operator.  It is a job that suits me right down to my bones.  I am nearing the end of my working days.  (I only have 1933 days until retirement... give or take a day here or there for leap years.)  And, I am SO glad to have the best job I have ever had as the last job I will ever have.
Telephone operators have always been off the wall, quirky characters in books, tv, and movies.

The operator you THINK you are talking to:

The operator you are ACTUALLY talking to:

Gertie and Flossie, 
They can pop their chewing gum
louder than an AK47.

Matilda Louise, 
Since 1957 Matilda has always been afraid
the A-BOMB was gonna fall during her shift.

Ed is a nice enough guy, but like a
typical male, he hogs the fan.

Things you might not know about operators:
Not all of us are named, Sarah.  On the Andy Griffith Show, the operator's name was Sarah.  Can't you just see in your mind, Andy pickin' up his phone at the police station and sayin', "Sarah, get me my house."  On "Green Acres" the operator was a Sarah also, as was the operator on "Petticoat Junction".  But since they were both supposed to be in Hooterville, it was probably the same gal.  (If you are an operator and your name is not Sarah, please, do not repremand people who do call you, Sarah.  It is not their fault that your mom and dad did not name you correctly.)

We know everything.  We have the latest weather, national news, telephone numbers, job titles and how many divorces everyone has had.  But, do NOT expect us to share any of that info with you.  Especially the telephone numbers.

Have a good Monday!

Praying today for:
The state of Washington
The nation of Japan

Remember, Nana loves you!

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