Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Old Time Radio

Hello, my name is Sharon.  I am an OTR adict.
Everyone else:  Hello, Sharon!!!

I love old time radio shows.  You know... the ones our grandparents gathered around one of those beautiful old radios with their family to listen to... shows like Jack Benny, The Shadow, Beyond Midnight, Gangbusters, the Whistler and Suspense.
My interest in these shows was started back in the mid 1970's when my husband and I stumbled upon the CBS Radio Mystery Theater on WBAP.  The show would start with the eerie sound of a creaking door and announcer, E. G. Marshall would welcome you to "the fear you can hear".  Some of those shows are indeed scary.  They are also lots of fun.
One day, about 9 years ago, all of a sudden, I thought... the internet has everything... maybe, just maybe... and sure enough I found websites about CBSRMT!  I was so excited.  But, in those days it was pretty hard to get copies of the shows.  But, in my surfing of the net, I came across a site called ZOOT OTR.  It was a wonderland!
I met people who had the same rabid interest in these shows that I had.  Not only that mp3's of actual shows were there to download!  There were no CBSRMT shows, but there were hundreds of others.
It was love at first listen.
The ZOOT site has since gone away, but an even better site OTR154 was set up when problems with ZOOT grew worse and worse.

I now have over 150 gigabytes of shows of all kinds.

I even finally got all of the CBSRMT.
Join us at ORT154, you might find something worth hearing!

Praying today for:
The state of Mississippi
The nation of Canada

Remember, Nana loves you!!!

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