Sunday, October 31, 2010

The Politicians Are Making It hard to Appreciate Democracy...

I love living in a nation that allows me the right and priviledge of voting for those who govern me.   But, sometimes I just wanna hide from the people trying to win that vote.
The air is cooler, the leaves are fallin' it is Autumn in Texas...
The rhetoric is thick and the mud is flyin'!!!  It is election time in Texas, too.

I guess the politicians hype is just the price we must pay for living in a society that has the right to vote.  But, do those commercials, phone calls and news stories REALLY change anyone's mind about how they will vote?

I just wish I had a fast forward button that would take us all to next Wednesday morning so it would all be over.

Of course, we will only get a short time away from all of it and then... the Presidential election "stuff" will be starting for 2012.

I am so thankful to live in a land where I can vote!

At least I THINK I am...  **sigh**

Praying today for:
The naton of Jamaica
The state of Alabama

Remember, Nana loves you!!!!

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