Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Purple? NO WAY!!!!!!!!!!

Some things you just have to choose for yourself.

For Mother's Day my husband got me a necklace that consisted of a little round circle that says, "Nana" and a little bead birthstone for each of our grandsons.  Micah was born in February, his birthstone is an amethyst, Joel was born in July, his is a ruby.  So, my little necklace came in the mail with a little purple bead for Micah and a little red one for Joel.
Micah did NOT approve of this at ALL.  Joel's bead was fine.  It was red and Joel's favorite color is red.  (A choice made by Micah, not Joel.)  Now, Micah has chosen blue as his favorite color.  So, of course, purple was out of the question.  Never mind these birthstones were chosen a million years ago and everyone else on earth abides by "Birthstone Rules".  Micah's birthstone had to be BLUE.  So, we emailed the lady we bought the necklace from and she sent us a blue bead for Micah.

This has satisfied his majesty and  the purple birthstone awaits a baby sister someday.  Unless Joel decides (once he is able to form an opinion on the subject) that HE prefers purple, then we will further muddy the waters on this birthstone thing.

Praying today for:
The state of Maryland
The nation of India

Remember, Nana loves you!

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