Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Get 'er done!!!!!!

Almost everyone I know is going through a rough patch right now.  Life can be so hard sometimes.  Things have happened in the last year or so that have just stunned me.  But, I know one thing, God is STILL God.
I am so thankful for His faithfulness, for the fact that He never changes.  He is the I AM.  In those two words the Creator of the universe, "the Strength of Israel", "the joy of the whole earth", introduced Himself to Moses.   "I AM".  There is so much power in that phrase.  He IS.  That is all there is to say to any problem, to any sickness, to any hardship...  HE IS.
And, because, He is the I AM, we can still serve him and minister to Him and to others no matter what our circumstance.
I listened to Pastor Jack Groblewski's sermon about living "Unhindered".  It challenged me realize that I am called to serve beginning NOW.  NOt, when I lose weight, not when I  have the time, not when I retire, not when I have a better circumstance... I need to serve HIM and do it NOW.
Everyone can be a minister for and to God... housewives, PBX operators, doctors, lawyers, teachers, even precious people in China and in Cuba and other nations who have been sent to prison for nothing more than being a Christian... we can all serve God right where we are.
Meditate on His word.
Read His word.
Be kind to those you interact with every day.
Look for opportunity to make a difference...  not just with money, but with your self.

Praying today for:
The nation of the United Kingdom
The state of Michigan

Remember, Nana loves you!!!

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