Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Uncle Sam wants YOU... to make popcorn

Just a little about my Uncle Sam today.

My Uncle Sam is only 11 years older than me.  I have had some great times with him.  He has always been the source of good memories.  His oldest grandson, Ryan sent him a Happy Birthday greeting, calling him his Popcorn Pawpaw.
Uncle Sam has always be a popcorn goumet and he taught me to be one as well.  None of that microwave stuff for us.  No way!  We made popcorn in top of the stove in a big ol' pot with a lid.  Once, when he and I were making popcorn I knocked the lid off the pot and the two of us ran around in a hail of popcorn fire trying to get the lid back on before we lost all the popcorn to the kitchen floor!
Watching old movies with him is so much fun.  Forget about MST3K... he and I yelled comments back at the tv screen 40 years ago... and his comments were hilarious.  One of my all time favorite movies to watch with him was, "The Son of Frankenstein" with Basil Rathbone.
He was as funny as Jonathan Winters to me.  He makes laugh at the absurdity of dealing with everyday life.  He has an ironic and razor sharp sense of humor.
Every Saturday night when we all lived in Phoenix we gathered around the tv and watched Carol Burnett and then Mission Impossible. It was so much fun!

He has been a minister for his entire adult life.  I remember riding down the road in the back seat of his car and listening while he and my grandmother discussed the Bible.  I learned so much from just sitting there listening to him and her talk.  Great fun times.  It gave me a real hunger to study God's word.
I have passed down the things I learned from him to my son.  And my son is in the ministry and those gems from the Bible are still being passed to others.
I wish everyone could have an Uncle Sam like mine.

Praying today for:
The nation of Peru
The state of Nebraska

Remember, Nana loves you!!

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