Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Who are you making famous?

I just finished listening to a fantastic sermon by my son's pastor, Jack Groblewski.  He is the senior pastor at NC4 in Bethlehem, Pa.  (Please note the link to that church in my list of links on this page.)
The sermon I listened to is from the 2007 Confrence of Grace Network churches.  Bro.Groblewski was preaching on the "Glory of God".  Please give it a listen... here is a link to the sermons from that conference.  Bro. Jack Groblewski's sermon is the 3rd one.  (The other sermons are really good also.)

He gives definition and explanation of God's glory that just knocks me down!!!  God's glory is His fame... it is who He is... it is what He is known for!
So, when we as His earthen vessels have his glory shine out of us, other people should be able to know about God's character.  I should be making God famous.  Not me.
God's character cannot shine out of me like it should unless Sharon gets out of the way. 
Is this what Paul means when he says, "I die daily."????

OH MY!!!!!! 
This really    knocks   me   down. 
What am I letting shine out of me?
Who am I making famous?  God?  Sharon?  Or something else?

This makes me realize I really need to spend more time in the Word.  More time in prayer.  Lord, help me to "show" the right thing out of this earthen vessel!  Lord, forgive me for letting myself shine more than I let You shine.  People don't need me, they need you.

If you already knew this, please have patience with me just figuring it out... I am only 59 years old.

Praying today for:
The nation of Rwanda
The state of South Dakota

Remember, Nana loves you!!!!

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