Thursday, December 2, 2010

Sometimes you have to just relax...

It looks like it might just be after the first of the year before I can get my surgery done.  My doctors are requiring me to have a stress test at the last minute.  That will take at least a week... then, my surgeon will submit the request for surgery to my insurance for approval.  It takes between 2-6 weeks for the insurance to answer back. 
At first, I was so disappointed.  I have worked so hard this year.  I was in a panic.  The "What if's" started pouring into my brain.  And, I am just flat out tired of waiting.  I want to get started losing weight for real!!!
Then, all of a sudden, I realized.  There is not one thing I can do.  It is beyond my control.  I have prayed about it and God has gotten me through so far.  So, this all boils down to this, do I trust God to get me through this or don't I?  I am not God.  I have no control over the insurance company to speed them up, nor over the doctor who will do my stress test to speed him up.
So, it is time to just stop fretting, relax and just keep working on my goal. 
(A call to the company that will carry my policy starting January 1st revealed to me that they will pay for the surgery.  I am sure that I will  have to wait until after January 1st to finally get to have surgery.
And, that's okay!)

Praying today for:
The nation of The Ukraine
The state of Delaware

Remember, Nana loves you!!!

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