Saturday, December 11, 2010

Two guys that were close to Jesus...

There are two of the Disciples whose actions are expecially noted in the Bible at the time of Jesus arrest and crucifiction...  Peter and Judas.
Judas betrayed the Lord our of greed.  He didn't care who Jesus was... he was offered money and he took it.  I wonder what was in Judas' heart and mind when he got close enough to Jesus to betray Him with a kiss.  Surely they were eye to eye... Jesus spoke right to Judas personally.  Judas was one of those present when Jesus said, "Greater love has no man than this, that he would lay down his life for his friends.  You are my friends if you do what I command you."  What on earth was Judas thinking when Jesus looked right at him in that garden and said, “Do what you came for, friend.” Matthew 26:50  (The word for "friend" in John is a word that means "dear friend, close neighbor, actively fond of one another".  In Matthew the word "friend" Jesus uses translates, "fellow or friend".  Not a derogatory term, but not one of whom affection or loyalty is expected.)  Wonder if Judas noticed the change of words?  Was Judas ashamed at all when he looked in Jesus face that night?
The other disciple mentioned is Peter.  He betrayed Jesus out of fear.  After making a big deal of how he would never let Jesus down, never back away, never betray Him... Jesus tells Peter that he will indeed betray Him.  Three times before the next day dawns!  After Jesus was arrested and taken to the high priests court, Peter is sitting out by a fire in that courtyard.  A young girl annoys Peter over and over saying, "You are one of Jesus followers."  The thrid time she accuses him and the third time he denies it, a rooster crows announcing the dawn of a new day and right then, Jesus is walked out through the courtyard and He locks eyes with Peter! (Luke 22:61)  Peter left and "wept bitterly".
What happened to each man after these encounters is what makes the difference. 
After Judas realized what he had done, he went back to the very people that had aided him in his own downfall... the scribes and priests.  He was looking for a way out of his mess.  He ran from Jesus.  He ran from the diciples.  The scribes and priests were no help.  They shoved him aside and told him to take his blood money and go.  Judas took his life.   He did not get what he was looking for... a better life... and instead death swallowed him whole.
After Peter's betrayal of the Lord, Peter went to find the other disciples.  There are several verses that put Peter with them.  He and several of them decided to take up fishing again.  Their lives were unsure, but they remained close to one another.  Then one day, after Jesus resurrection... there is Jesus... sitting on shore.  By a fire.  Cooking food. John recognizes Jesus and Peter is the one who flies out of the boat and runs to Jesus and unlike the situation by the fire at the courtyard of the priest,  this fireside chat went very differently!  Peter knew that his relationship with Jesus was restored.
Jesus is ready to restore our relationship to Him, He is ready to feed us.  We just have to run TO Him instead of away.

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